The next LGBTQ Mass at Marquette is scheduled for November 19

LifeSite: Marquette U offering ‘LGBTQ and allied community’ Masses throughout academic year

about Louis Joliet Society:
The Louis Joliet Society is an organized coalition of Marquette alumni, faculty, students, parents and associates committed to the restoration and defense of authentic Catholic identity at Marquette University. We hope to serve as a respectful and effective influence in guiding the university back to its former status as a leading institution in the advancement of the Catholic intellectual tradition.
Specifically, the coalition will work to bring Marquette University into alignment with its self-professed Catholic identity and the guidelines set in place by Pope Saint John Paul II, namely the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Ex Corde Ecclesiae and the Application for Ex Corde Ecclesiae for the United States . We will do this by:

• Addressing directly with Marquette administration activities and events on campus inconsistent with Catholic teaching

• Issuing reports to inform alumni, other members of the Marquette family and the media of instances and events that detract from the Catholic identity of the university as well as those that enhance that identity.

• Supporting Marquette student groups and efforts that are consistent with Catholic teaching and that seek to strengthen authentic Catholic identity on campus.


  1. They are going to desecrate that lovely Joan of Arc chapel with this? The blasphemies become more monstrous with every passing day.

  2. Thank you Badger Catholic! Please stay tuned and keep spreading the word. Calling all Marquette alums - join us! Calling all who have family and friends who are Marquette alums - let them know about us.


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