Cream City interview with former Marquette grad on the Catholic identity on campus

I recently spoke with a good friend who graduated from Marquette University. He wanted to share some personal reflections about his time as an undergraduate there. After all, Marquette is seen by many as the gold standard Catholic institution in Milwaukee, so does it measure up in terms of its fidelity to Church teaching? “John” is currently a doctor serving in the Navy. An extremely bright fellow, he offers some perceptive insights about the striking lack of a serious Catholic identity at the university.

I would love to send my kids to Marquette.  They need a "Catholic Studies" program like St. Thomas.   A ton of success there without having to change at an administration level.  Let the Catholic ghettos grow!   


Anonymous said...

These phony Catholic schools/universities are so destructive. Why are they tolerated? All they care about is money and reputation.

Anonymous said...

What I can not understand is why so many parents do not see Marquette for what it is.....a secular school.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the hard-working, well-intentioned parents who sacrifice so much financially to send their kids to these phony Catholic schools, only to see many of the leave the faith.