CatholicMemes: Lucas, Ego Sum Pater Tuum (Stars Wars In Latin)

Hic Darcus Vadorus – This is Darth Vader
Luxgladium tenet – Holding a lighsaber
“Non. Ego sum pater tuus.” – “No. I am your father.”
Hic Lucius Cæliambulus – This is Luke Skywalker
“Imo. Non est verus.” – “No. It’s not true.”
Catholic Memes

Haha, but... is Darcus Vadorus smiling?

Also... "Imo" ... is that right?  Maybe Dad29 will chime in.

Father Z is gone otherwise I was going to send this to him.


  1. Not familiar with "imo." Might use double "Non"--i.e., "Non, non est verus!" to underline the force of the denial.

    1. I think even in the movie in English they double it.

    2. For further study

    3. Had I more time Terry, this should have been Fanaticly posted on Friday.


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