Get this!! Man finds St. Stan Milwaukee's stained-glass windows in basement after 50 years

Someone sent me a note on Twitter yesterday that St. Stan's announced they found their original stained glass windows at Mass.  I was looking for the info and a Kuhl guy alerted me to this article from WISN 12.  I about teared up! God is good!
MILWAUKEE —One man's junk has turned out to be a century’s-old treasure for a historic Milwaukee church.

Parishioners have celebrated mass at St. Stanislaus Church for 150 years. The church is currently undergoing major renovation for only the second time in its history.

Renovators have a theme: Honoring the past with give for the future.

The way the past connected to the future on this project is kind of miraculous.

The original stained glass windows, which were removed and thought destroyed during the last renovation back in the late 1960s, surfaced out of nowhere about a week ago. They had been sitting in a local man's basement for 50 years.  [Gloria in excelsis Deo!]
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Bah, no video embed.  I never understand, like, you don't want free advertising?

Cream City Catholic has a recent update on the renovation prior to the windows news.

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