Father Z visits La Crosse once in a Blue Moon

Father Z covers his visit to the La Crosse Guadalupe Shrine.  

Day 1: Canon Law Conference (and a video message)

Day 2: Canon Law Conference – VIDEO greetings to you readers from Card. Burke

Blue Moon

Unfortunately I was out of town on my own errands wrapped in mystery and some "Smit-icks."  Otherwise, I ought to have insisted on buying him a beer.  I've met him briefly in person a few years ago at Knights of Divine Mercy.  Speaking of, KDM in September? 


  1. You were drunk in Milwaukee, right? (Don't print this! Just teasing.)

    1. LOL! I just know how to make a first impression!

      I can't believe we didn't take a picture of our Editorial Board Meeting. I wonder if any readers are Cubs fans....

    2. Maybe next time I'm in the cities you wear a disguise so you can go out in public and meet for a beer?


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