Breaking down the Bp Morlino interview on World Over, interest sparked over SSPX comments

1:30 Bp Morlino jokes about camera making him look fat
1:40 Marriage nullity being delegated to bishops
5:30 Raymond brings up 45 day requirement "you can't get a civil divorce in 45 days" - Bp Morlino does not think there is a 45 day mandate. (thinks media was confused
8:40 Bp Morlino states annulment process has been abused for years
9:25 Most of the cases which will use new process will not be approved(I think that's what he's saying there)
11:40 120 day mandate would be absolute minimum according to Madison canonists
12:00 Asked about Cdl. Burke comments at Steubenville on false mercy; Bp. Morlino "that's the sort of thing that's been going on in the US for the last 50 years."  "The truth has been the casualty."
16:10 SSPX question
18:55 Bp Morlino: one of the reasons I celebrate the TLM is in hope of bringing about reconciliation with those like the SSPX

Friday night, on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo, Bishop Morlino was asked about that letter. Being the good man that he is, he was transparent and said that someone drafted the letter for him and in his editing process he asked the line to be removed. Unfortunately, the line remained in against his wishes.
The Remnant thus quoteth "BOMBSHELL: Bishop Morlino Apologizes to the SSPX"

Remember, the priests of the SSPX do NOT have faculties validly to absolve sins – yet. They will (sort of) during the upcoming Year of Mercy. They cannot be witnesses for marriages because, again, they lack jurisdiction. No proper authority has given them the delegation to do so. That’s necessary. Their claims of emergency powers just don’t hold water.

Bp. Morlino’s main point was that going to the SSPX isn’t worth the spiritual risk when it comes to absolution and marriage. Also, he makes the point that by frequenting their chapels over time one can run the risk of distancing himself from the Holy Father and local bishop.

Reminder: In his letter, published in the diocesan newspaper, Bishop Morlino was addressing himself to the faithful in the Diocese of Madison, for whom he has the care of souls.
The Holy Father gave some concessions to the SSPX for the Holy Year - I wonder if that could have played a role?

I still wonder if Fr. Paul Nicholson has ever apologized for suggesting the SSPX is worse than a Black Mass?

It's not a big deal to me - just odd.
Beyond the Bp Morlino interview but sort of related, there is quite the brush up over at Church Militant over their recent comments on the SSPX.  Karl Keating chimes in: 
NOT A GOOD WAY TO START A SERIES ABOUT THE SSPXToday’s episode of Michael Voris’s “The Vortex” is titled “SSPX...
Posted by Karl Keating on Monday, September 14, 2015


  1. my comment from Fr Z's blog combox: "One thing Bishop Morlino says to Raymond Arroyo is that the letter was written because of concrete situations in the diocese. While I do not know what that refers to precisely, I do know of one priest who used to be active in the Madison Diocese a while back who told a fellow-parishioner friend of mine to go to the SSPX chapel, I know this because this friend asked my advice about what that priest had advised her–which did not seem right to her. I told her I had a conversation with Bishop Morlino one time in which he told me firmly not to go to an SSPX Mass, and the licit TLMs at the parishes are an invitation to the faithful who go there, to come to a lict Mass. It seems like Bishop Morlino’s approach has been to invite people to full Communion (or keep people firmly in that Communion) and his approach has not been to issue warnings to the faithful who do already associate with the SSPX chapel. I certainly think it’s true he didn’t mean to say that particular line. I also think Bishop Morlino could not possibly approve a priest recommending people to go to the SSPX chapel and the faithful in the parishes need to understand why they should have caution. Bishop Morlino has provided so well for traditional Catholics, there is no need to wander into a gray area."


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