Newman Society profiles Louis Joliet Society Advocating Catholic Renewal at Marquette University

A group of concerned alumni, parents and associates are pushing for Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wis., to renew its commitment to Catholic identity after numerous scandals in recent years. The Louis Joliet Society exposes events at Marquette that endanger its Catholic identity, and the group hopes its efforts will spur change and renewal at the Jesuit institution.

The Louis Joliet Society aims to “reignite a genuine reverence for the Catholic intellectual tradition the University was founded to advance, bring clarity to the concept of true Catholic identity and communicate why it is so critical that Marquette sustain this identity in our increasingly secular world,” said Mary Jarvis, a founding member of the group, in an interview with The Cardinal Newman Society.

The Newman Society has reported multiple issues and scandals at Marquette University over the years. A pro-abortion politician has been invited to speak, a radical theologian has been awarded honors by the University’s ethics society, and University-sponsored workshops and events have exposed students to questionable and immoral sexual content.

Last year, the University generated significant controversy with its suspension of political science professor John McAdams, who was censured by the administration for a post on his personal blog, Marquette Warrior. McAdams covered a situation wherein a Marquette student was purportedly prohibited from discussing same-sex marriage in an ethics class, because the class instructor claimed that such a topic would be “offensive” to homosexual students.
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