Gov Walker Signs Bills Defunding Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin!

Waukesha – Governor Walker signed two bills into law Thursday that, together, are expected to eliminate approximately $8 million in public funding from Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin (PPWI), the state’s largest abortion provider. Assembly Bill 310 redirects federal Title X family planning funds away from organizations that perform abortions to public entities including state, county, and local health departments and clinics. This will eliminate $3.5 million from PPWI. Senate Bill 238 reduces PPWI’s Medicaid reimbursement rate for contraceptive drugs, requiring that PPWI be reimbursed the actual cost they pay for these drugs and not the artificially inflated rate they are currently receiving. This will eliminate $4.5 million from PPWI.
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Gov Walker on whether Planned Parenthood measures open up state to lawsuit

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"We want to make sure as taxpayers whether it's state funds or federal funds that come through the state of Wisconsin that they're used in the way that's responsible and reasonable," Walker said before signing the bills, which he emphasized would withhold money to "controversial entities like Planned Parenthood."
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