Abp. Listecki op-ed in JS: Donald Trump, nativism, and anti-Catholicism

Know-Nothings styled themselves "Native Americans"
Noted historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr. called anti-Catholicism the deepest-held bias in the history of the American people. In this toxic climate of the politics of 2016, candidates tear one another apart with almost childish statements. One doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. The political discourse always has entailed some ad hominem remarks, and dirty tricks are part of the territory.

However, in the midst of the name-calling, one begins to detect that old anti-Catholic bias as it manifests itself in the subtleties appealing to people's fears and ignorance. One can understand if this is coming from individuals who lack an educational background or are fed information from unfounded fears; but, please, today? After the Kennedy years?

I'm old enough to remember when John F. Kennedy had to appear in Houston at a ministers' convention. There, he assured them if he were elected president the pope would not direct the presidency of the United States from Rome. If you asked any Catholic, he or she would have told you as much. No one asked Kennedy if the pope gave him permission to heroically serve in World War II. I guess when your faith forms you as a responsible citizen to defend your country, it doesn't matter that you are Roman Catholic.

Nativism is not new to the history of the United States. There is a deep prejudice toward Catholics stemming from various historical roots transported from European nations to the shores of America. We all have a short historical memory, but many fraternal organizations were founded because Catholics were not allowed membership in societal organizations.
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Yes, the noted anti-Catholic bigot Ann Coulter is invoked.

It's worth a read  Now, solutions are not provided, it's more of a general condemnation of anti-Catholicism and nativism.

Noted author John Zmirak had this to say(he also firmly opposes Trump):
Very true, but I think that bishops always are looking for an opportunity to appear non-partisan, even though this effort glosses over the Democrat Party's persecution of religious freedom.

I completely reject Trump, but some observations.  If you watched the last debate, Trump is going soft on immigration now anyway.  The whole Pope vs Trump thing re-energized his slumping campaign.  I can't tell you how much I loathe papal flights which are not red-eyes.  The "Border Mass" energized the nativist movement.  The USCCB efforts have added fuel to the fire as the "pro-immigration" crowd seems to be advocating for a Libertarian open borders policy.  The lame duck president himself shooting off executive orders from the hip.  Natural rights are never unlimited.  It sort of reminds me of the Act 10 blowup.  Those opposing Act 10 seemed to be arguing that there were no limits to rights of teachers unions.  And now with the homosexualist movement, it's the same thing, they are a special class of citizen who enjoys unlimited rights.  These super-rights for example are powerful enough to change restrooms in schools across the country.

With that said, honestly though, I don't feel very strongly on the topic at all.  The numbers have been steady for about 10 years.  I'm all for common sense policy, which falls somewhere in the chasm between Obama Open Borders and The Great Wall of Mexico.


  1. The USCC's blatant support of all things Democrat is more than a little ironic, given the (D) hatred for all morals Catholic, at least beneath the belt.

    I'll assume that H.E. is not referring to Muslim immigration because those of us old enough to recall Vienna and Lepanto will want to have a word with H.E. about all that.

  2. "The good and dedicated people who serve the church deserve better than what they have been getting day in and day out in the media.
    "We call on the media to tell the good story ... about the Catholic parishes in the inner city.
    "It's time we take the bushel basket and the media off the light and let the light shine so all can see it."

    - Archbishop Bernard Law, Boston Globe, May 4, 1992


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