Mike McCarthy talk at Green Bay Men's Conference available online

If the video doesn't show up, it can be found here: http://livestream.com/cameracornergb/2016gbmens/videos/114363770?t=1457373502

I tried to use starttime, but if it doesn't work, McCarthy starts at 6:25:31.  (yes, it's the whole conference in one video)

Father Jim Baraniak gives a nice intro, but then it gets pretty thick by the end.  Coach laughs it off once on stage.  Notable is McCarthy getting choked up right off the bat(perhaps from the glowing intro, or just raw emotion from speaking openly about his faith) and later choked up trying to talk about the recent and untimely death of his brother.  He is a very likable guy, had a great sense of humor, entertaining, and did provide some levels of insights.

I'll do a post with my thoughts on this and the whole conference later this week.

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