Group protests ‘transgender ideology' on campus: Marquette University slams as ‘transphobia’

Administrators at Marquette University have rebuked an on-campus demonstration held on Thursday opposing the Catholic university's embrace of gender ideology.

The protesters, from the American TFP’s Student Action, who were on a tour of Wisconsin, held a 14-foot banner with the quote "God made them male and female” from Genesis 5:2. The scripture quote was followed by, “Stop the ravages of transgender ideology."

Marquette introduced gender-neutral restrooms to accommodate "transgender" students last year. Signage was replaced, and instead of bathrooms being labeled “Men” and “Women,” they became “Bathroom A” or “B,” and “Bathroom 1” or “2.”

The TFP Student Action demonstration included flyers with information on how transgenderism is dangerous to the family, triggering some hostility and at least one faculty member who attempted to block their message.

A counter-protest by students was joined by the university provost, who said the TFP Student Action demonstration consisted of “messages of discrimination” that do not reflect “who” Marquette is.
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John McAdams:
The rhetoric about “diversity” and “inclusion” is stunningly hypocritical, since Marquette is being grossly exclusionary toward people who agree with Catholic teaching on gender.

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  1. Thank you, Badger Catholic. Local Catholics need to know that many (a majority?) among the administration, faculty and students at Wisconsin's largest "Catholic" school are ignorant of/hostile to ACTUAL Catholic teaching. Provost Myers seems to be leading the way to making Marquette an utterly secular institution.


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