Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Milwaukee, WI

Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish is an institution in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood. The church building, while over a century old, has adapted over time with numerous renovations and looks fantastic today. Being a well-established parish, Immaculate Conception has generated its own history and traditions that cement its meaning locally and for the Archdiocese as a Very Important Parish.
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  1. Yes, that is a beautiful church. The mosaic is wonderful. And they have an excellent pastor now.

  2. Cool church and great pictures! That parish is located in a very hip part of Milwaukee. Sad to see that they've dismantled the Communion rail (familiar story). Love the sanctuary mosaic and windows. This parish be restored without much difficulty. I've often thought that some of these older parishes should be given to a religious order/society (Opus Dei, Priestly Fraternity, or perhaps the Oratorians of St. Philip Neri). They could replicate what happened at Saint Stanislaus, bringing new life to the parish!

  3. Sad to say Anonymous, the Weakland crowd, still running the Archdiocese, has no desire to bring new life to any parish. They will only be happy when everything is shut down and all the lights are off.


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