Baby left at St Paul Cathedral now safe and healthy

“They picked a good spot to drop him off. It’s a church – we love children,” Leonhardt continued.

Upon the police officers’ arrival, Sgt. Charlie Anderson said that “everybody in that call instantly fell in love” with the child, according to CBS Minnesota.

“In this job you see so much bad in people. Violence, death and destruction. It’s just nice to have a call like this every once in a while, to remind you why you wear the badge,” Sgt. Charlie Anderson stated.
“The fact that this child was left off at a Catholic church is not an insignificant detail to me,” stated Fr. Ubel.

This case was also something particularly special for Sgt. Anderson, who had been married at the Cathedral of St. Paul and also attended the seminary there for a few years. He is also a father of three children, saying that the call “tugged at his heartstrings.”
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Terry Nelson said...

Charlie is the best - a gentle soul - when he was a seminarian he used to come in to a religious goods shop I worked at. This is such a beautiful story.