The Catholic Origins Of 5 Alcoholic Beverages

Among all of the world’s religions, and among all Christian traditions, we Catholics have traditionally had the healthiest relationship with alcohol. We are never overly Puritanical in shunning drink, and neither are we a mystery cult looking for transcendence in drunkenness. We are to give thanks to God for his gifts and treat them as such.

In the nascent Church, when St. Peter refutes claims that he is drunk (Acts 2:13-15) by declaring that it is only 9:00 in the morning (because the Apostles clearly had the good sense to wait until at least after lunch), you can begin to get a glimpse of the Catholic relationship with the liquid spirits. St. Paul tells St. Timothy to “stop drinking only water, but take a little wine” (1 Tim. 5:23) to help him with his frequent stomach troubles. Even Our Blessed Lord Himself states declares that even “The Son of Man came eating and drinking”. (Luke 7:34)
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Jägermeister not included...

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