FOX 11 Investigates rise in cremation rate

Steve Wolfe was a die-hard Packers fan. He chose all three of those options. FOX 11 Investigates caught up with his wife of 50 years, Jana Wolfe, at her home in Iowa.
“I just stopped at one of the flower beds (outside the entrance) and took my little container of ashes, and dumped him into the flower bed,” said Wolfe.
The rise in the cremation rate was also propelled by the Catholic Church. It formally approved of the practice 55 years ago, although change from tradition took time. By 1985 the cremation rate in the United States was still just 15 percent. The church remains clear about the disposition of the ashes.

“It’s really important especially for those of Christian belief, Catholic belief, we believe that we need to make sure the remains of our loved ones are buried because it’s a way of showing respect,” said Rev. David Ricken, bishop with the Green Bay Catholic Diocese.

Last December, the Green Bay Diocese offered a blessing from Ricken and free burial in its mausoleum for the cremated remains of family loved ones that never found that final resting place.
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Anonymous said...

"The church remains clear about the disposition of the ashes." Not sure who made that statement, but it is not clear to people who are Catholic. I hear all the time about odd things done with the cremains, even from "good Catholics."