Senator Tammy Baldwin is blocking judicial nominee "because he's a person of faith"

Supporters of Giampietro have said they believe the criticisms leveled against him have to do with his Catholic faith. Wisconsin's five bishops and the New York-based Catholic League have written to Baldwin asking her not to block Giampietro's confirmation.
Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said Baldwin provided "bogus" reasons for blocking the nomination. He said the state commission did not ask for media appearances but that a questionnaire he completed for the Senate Judiciary Committee did, and Giampietro complied.

"Of course, her initial opposition, I hate to say it but let's say it plainly, I fear is because he's a person of faith. On top of it, now she's smearing a really good man," Johnson said.

Johnson said the state commissioners would not vote for someone who did not have the respect of the wider legal community.

"And now Senator Baldwin in her letter is using anonymous sources to smear a good person. I find that to be despicable, quite honestly," he said.
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Obergefell it bad law based on common law.  He now has to give it appropriate weight even though it's bad law.  Having opinions about SCOTUS decisions is not the criminal activity that Baldwin claims. 


Dad29 said...

You expected better from this woman who has an intrinsic disorder?

Anonymous said...

She is an evil person. She is running ads on TV trying to give the appearance that she is all for Wisconsin. Like heck she is.