Has the CCHD funding been corrected?

It doesn't look like it.  The collection was yesterday.... I totally forgot and put a check in for our monthly giving - my parish doesn't do auto-withdrawal.  There was no second collection though, so are the funds taken out of the general collection or a second collection?  I'm not sure.

As Virginia reported earlier this year the CCHD funded the recent Walker recall.  The USCCB claims all issues have been corrected, but I seriously doubt it.  American Life League published the 2011-2012 grantees.  The H is for homosexuality, A for abortion.  
Last year we saw the Winona Cathedral come out blasting ALL, and we may now see why:

Winona, Minnesota Land Stewardship Project (LE) A, H (CO) H

UPDATE: Wow, check this out regarding Winona(good news!):
Land Stewardship Project loses $48K grant in spat over gay marriage amendment
The Land Stewardship Project is in hot water with the Catholic Church over the company it keeps.
LSP recently lost a $48,000 grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. The reason? LSP is involved with TakeAction Minnesota — which opposes the proposed marriage constitutional amendment.
The dispute ends decades of church support for the nonprofit, which has a primary office in Lewiston and organizes farmers, trains young and beginning farmers, assists immigrant populations, and opposes industrial-scale agriculture.
And sadly, Minnesota Catholics may have paid to defeat their own marriage amendment:

St. Paul-Minneapolis, Minnesota
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It's never a bad idea to do your homework:

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Thanks Anon!

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Re: Anon - you are right it is not a bad idea to do homework........that same homework should be done by the USCCB, the local Diocese reps, and the CCHD so this type of thing doesn't even become an issue.

For too long has this been an issue NOT addressed...or worse, ignored....too many Catholic dollars given to organizations that are in direct opposition to Church teaching.