FatherZ drinking a Leinies

I always feel out of the loop until I have caught up on all of Father Z's posts. From Fr. Z's Day Off:
After all the paper was dead, in hopeless tatters suitable only for recycling, I stopped at a parish in the region of the range and visited a priest friend, who did the civil. Two things of note: the gigantic willow is in full spring curliness and - alas I missed the pic – a spiffy male Cardinal landed in a nearby flowering crab apple tree, red against the white.

More driving, while enjoying an audiobook reading of The Surgeon’s Mate, by Patrick O’Brian (read by Simon Vance) and some of the Twins @ Red Sox Game.

I explored a “Rustic Road”. I don’t know if other states in these USA designate them too, but in Wisconsin, I was delighted to discover these short scenic tracks. People who think they have something pretty special in their area can submit them to the state for this designation. A map is HERE.

If only I could get a map to decent Chinese food in this state, I would be a happier man.
This reminds me of something I posted last time I was up in Chetek. 

Yes, Miller now owns the show, but it's better than being owned by a Belgian company, right?

Wading through emails, Chicago trip was good, got some photos to share. 

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