Bishop Ricken says NO to Common Core in diocesan schools

Bishop David Ricken, head of the Green Bay diocese, announced today in The Compass diocesan newspaper, “I have instructed our diocesan Department of Education staff, school principals and school system administrators that they not ‘adopt or adapt’ the ‘common core standards.’”

Bishop Ricken further stated that the various diocesan school systems, “may use them only as a reference to improve the curriculum we already have.”

In his regular column, Bishop Ricken stated:

As of late, the “common core standards” initiative in the public school system is fueling a firestorm of debate and heated discussion in the Diocese of Green Bay, the state of Wisconsin and the nation….

Is it necessary for us to “adopt or adapt” the “common core standards?” No, it is not necessary…

The verdict is still very much out on the “common core standards.” All of the subject area standards have not yet been developed, let alone proved to be successful over time. There is no track record or existing data to help us determine if these standards will actually improve our students’ performance.
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You may remember, Milwaukee said YES.

Bishop Ricken takes education very seriously, he helped found Wyoming Catholic College. (and unfortunately no, I don't think he's got another one of those in him to found one in Wisconsin)



  1. The sign in front of Aquinas Academy, an independent Catholic school in Menomonee Falls (ArchMil), currently reads:

    "Aquinas: The Cure for the Common Core"



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